is our guideline

Our philosophy

We bring your products to the web. We are interested in long term co-operations, agile and individual solutions. Every web application is as individual as your projects.
We are working with ViUR, our own framework for the Google App Engine™.

We are excited by innovation

We love innovation and development. Information systems need to adapt to all circumstances and innovations. We're working in module-based and agile processes which allows us to adjust to every factor and project.
Talking about platforms

We develop our
own ecosystem: Viur

ViUR – the information system for the Google App Engine™ – enables us to build web applications really fast. The development speed is accelerated thanks to automatically generated user interfaces. The modularity of ViUR makes it easy to work on agile projects.
  • Partner and Cooperation
  • Open Source
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Cloud based
  • Personal

We love
Open Source

Mausbrand is part of the open source community. Our Information System ViUR is available here: It is cost-effective and guarantees an individual adjustment to every problem.

We want to spread
the thirst of knowledge

We love knowledge and won't get tired of learning and spreading it. Curiosity is our constant companion.

Let's put
the digital world
on fire