Secure web access
to your business

Provide any Internet-enabled device a safe and easy access to your company or your projects. Present yourself and stay in touch with your customers – thanks to web-based business processes.

Primarily all our applications can be found in the web browser, whether it´s a blog, a content management system for editorial work or ecommerce solutions such as shops.

Fast and Comfortable:
Installed programs

With our open-source framework ViUR® you will get a software to administrate your project professionally. The business assistants is adjusted to support your individual business processes. The always-updated analysis tools provides an equally high added value as well as the comfortable import and export function.

Each workspace is different from the others. For this reason, we offer to create individual software.

Mobile home:
New ways with Apps!

The introduction of devices with touch screens and the related innovative service concepts changed the IT market radically. In 2005 it was trend to have your IT services in the web browser. Nowadays apps dominates the market.

Modern smartphones such as iPhone and Androidphones or tablets are working with installable software (apps), among others through integrated market platforms (AppStores). Apps will inform your users regularly. Create a mobile access to your project with Apps.

Strong technologies

Since 2004, we write database-driven applications, especially for the web - since 2007, with our own framework. This gives us an advantage over our competitors, because: "Won't work!" doesn’t work for us! We can customize our framework to suit your needs and expand it as you want. Take advantage of the modularity: We combine proven components and focus on their core functions.

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Components of ViUR®

ViUR® Logo


The object-oriented core component of ViUR® is the establishing base for all individual projects. It allows to implement data models and their relations and interfaces on a standardized base with universal access facilities.

Different renders link the various devices and programs with your preferred communication protocols to our information system – without changing the functional modules.

Vi & Admin

The administration programs of ViUR® are tools for managing the stored data by the information system. With essential plugins we optimize your workflow: among others we offer plugins to create parcel labeling, importing of documents, analysis tools and a lot of data -in / export plug-ins.

Tools, Importer, Apps

Workflows that are often time-consuming and therefore personal-intensive, will be optimized by us with small programs: whether you need to import data in your own portal, need to create banners in the right size, or want to import the income of payments from online banking.

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Mausbrand takes part on open-source

Our framework is free software –

On we put our basic system out in the world. On the one hand it is normal for us that we make our work available to the open source community, on whose foundations we build everything. On the other hand we want many people to use our system and report bugs they found as well as enhancements. In the strict sense of the term open source defines a software that is free and with its source code available to the public. Permission is granted to reproduce the code, modify and redistribute.


... is constantly evolving and is free.
The software is improved by a large developer community and extended regularly with useful functionalities. There wont be any license or rental cost for you, whether now nor in the future.
... may be modified.
Since the entire programming code is available, a cost effective and individually adjusted solution is guaranteed.
... is safer.
The source code of an open source product is open, which means there is a number of persons that will check the programming before it is published. That’s why many vulnerabilities can be fixed in advance.
... is free software.
You can request a backup copy of all data, this means: for further editing your project, you are not tied to us.
We use the following technologies, amongst others...

Python QT Linux Jinja2