Igniting ideas!

Make mobile.

We bring your ideas to the world. In conjunction with you we develop strong Apps for each product. They allow your target group a quick and intuitive access to your brand. The usage of your mobile application will lead to a full experience.

Think the difference:

On the move or on the couch?

We adapt your communication objectives to the medium and the environment. The attention of your target goroup changes in every situation. Are they sitting comfortably on the couch or are they frantically looking for their way? Your message can react to this circumstances.

Til the explosion!

A data management system for many devices.

A responsive Design as well as a uniform surface are part of an modern communication strategy. Our Mausbrand Informationssystem has just one data storage, which makes the cross-media work easy and possible. Therefore your target group receives consistent content on each channel.

A brand to touch:

Create points of contact.

We look forward to work with your target group. Message and advertising idea should to lead to a targeted impact. Information must be packed and providet with a value for the recipient. This also applies to choose the right medium: digital signage, iPad app or a classic poster campaign? It is important to find the right points of contact for your target group. Take your clients on a journey - the customer journey.

Mausbrand brings you to the Web!

We manage your online communication with an agile project management based on our digital information architecture. We take care of your needs and assist you with your design and planning - whether it is a large campaign portal or a detailed product database with shop function.

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